Beard Saver Fresh Mint

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THE BEARD OIL ALTERNATIVE NEW! Is this a beard balm? Heck no, that stuff will rough up your bead. This is a beard saver. Real peppermint beard oil adds shine to your beard and "wakes up" tired skin. Like our award-winning Beard Saver™, a better than beard oil alternative, the Fresh Mint Beard Saver™ is a daily leave-in conditioner for your beard. Bluebeards beard saver relieves beard itch, adds shine and softness, and promotes healthy beard growth. For the established beard, just a dab rubbed throughout the facial hair, from root to tip, will manage the most unruly facial hair. Great for both your scruff and your skin. Made in the USA. Peppermint oil: Stimulates the skin and scalp; adds shine to dull facial hair Aloe: Softens and soothes your facial hair and skin Shea butter and avocado oil: Moisturizes gently.