Main Area

This is Ego Space's main area. With approximately 750 sq. ft. of open space, which includes several seating areas, standing bar tables and a counter space, it is perfect for events, photoshoots, seminars, gatherings and much more.

Office Space

Personal work space which includes a desk, comfortable chair, lots of natural light and a door for privacy.

Personal Meeting Room

Meeting room with enough space to include more chairs, second table and a TV for visual input. Perfect for small conferences, shared work space or 1 on 1 meetings.


The rental space includes a gender neutral washroom area and also has a private washroom which can be used as a dressing room for shows and events.

Rental Options

  • Half Day Rental

    Half day rental, which is a 4 hours block on one calendar day.

    • $250.00 (the minimum charge)
  • Day Rental

    Day Rental is any number of hours over 4 within a 24 hour calendar day

    • $500
  • 3 Day Rental

    3 Day Rental is any number of hours within 3 consecutive calendar days

    • $1000
  • Weekly Rental

    Weekly Rental is any number of hours within a consecutive 7 day calendar time frame

    • $2500

For more information, pricing, availability and bookings, please contact us via the form below and we will be in touch shortly.