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Bluebeards Original - Beard Brush

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Our beard brush keeps your beard soft and manageable with style. A classic military brush, designed to be held in the palm of your hand and built to travel. Made with natural and gentle pure boar bristles and beautiful beechwood. Stimulates the skin and shapes the beard. Cleans, polishes and conditions your facial hair and improving it's texture. Your beard will never look better than after using this brush. Tested on real beards!

Brushing gently with boar bristles can actually help protect your beard and add shine. How?

Distributes natural oils
Flattens the cuticle layer to add shine
Frees up loose hairs
Removes dead skin cells (beardruff)

Our brush uses natural boar bristles help groom, shape, and restore your beard. The handle is crafted from natural beechwood, the same wood used by ancient Germans to inscribe runes. So we've etched our own symbol on the handle. And since it's all natural, it won't produce static. Your beard will thank you.