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Glycerin Shaving Soap - Almond

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Col Conk makes some of the best grooming supplies around and this almond shaving soap is no exception. The great thing about this formulation is that it is glycerin-based and that it contains vitamin D. It also has avocado oil in it and, mixed together, those provide you with a very smooth, slick surface to give you an effective shave. The almond scent is pretty much a standard for men's items, so you definitely will smell something classic when you lather this up.If you want to get the best lather possible, it's a good idea to soak your brush for a while before you start using it. You can get what's called a scuttle for this or use a separate bowl of warm water. This will give you the best and richest lubrication on your face when you're using the blade. This particular brand name has a lot of fans and is well known for its quality.